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A Special Message from Linda


“Hello everyone! I have important news, I’m pregnant! I’m so excited to be a mom again, along with my friends! In the month of May, we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Mother’s Day! Through a special jewel on this magical day we can show all the love and appreciation towards our mothers, grandmothers, friends and sisters. To honor and celebrate the occasion, we are launching our new collection!!! You are sure to find the perfect gift! I hope you love all the pieces as much as I do!”

Love, Linda


LdiLinda: gold and silver jewelry with name and engraving

Discover my collections of personalized jewelery with names or letters, perfect as gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, to give a thought to those who are dearest to you or simply for you. Visit the site to discover our selection of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets

Necklaces with names

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with our personalized necklaces. The perfect gift for the family, choose from a wide range of customizable necklaces with letters and names to create the perfect necklace for any occasion.

 Rings with text

Give an unforgettable gift to the one you love. Choose from the various customizable ring models with names, initials or phrases. Create your unique ring made with quality materials capable of lasting over time.

Customizable bracelets

Customizable bracelets ideal for birthdays, new births or family gifts. Choose from a variety of designs, whether it’s for your daughter, wife or mom, this gift will make their day truly special!

Earrings with letters

Customizable earrings with hanging letters and initials. Give them to your loved ones, or to yourself to show your uniqueness. Available in many shapes and sizes they are perfect jewelry for girls, women and moms!

family jewelry

Discover the collection of Family Jewelry

Discover all the products of the new collection of jewels with children – Family, perfect jewels as unique and special gift ideas.


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Discover all the best-selling products on Ldilinda, your personalized jewelery shop with quality names, letters or phrases for unique and unforgettable gifts.

Take advantage of free shipping for orders over 100€ of purchase.


What they say about my jewelry shop

Find out what they say about my products. The real satisfaction is reading your reviews of happy and satisfied people to have found the personalized jewel they were looking for. Discover on L di Linda products of true quality at affordable prices!

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 L di Linda

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My story

Mother of 4 children with many ideas, I decided to launch my line, L di Linda, which talks about me, my feeling of being a woman, a mother and sometimes even a daughter.

L di Linda is my idea of ​​a simple but well-groomed woman of an affectionate mother who does not give up her femininity and of a daughter who wants to become small whenever she wishes.

Many young people try not to follow the family business and to detach themselves from their roots.

For a short time, I too tried to do something else, but I realized that I never felt comfortable in what I was doing; I realized, after several mistakes, that all my energies have been directed to my parents’ company that has been producing jewelry for more than sixty years.



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Special collection for Mothers

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