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Who I am

L di Linda was born from the idea of ​​creating a brand that can speak directly with women and be able to make them live the jewelry experience in the first person.

After graduating in 2011 in Public Relations and Business Communication at IULM University in Milan, I was able to gain a few years of experience in jewelry making.

In the meantime I also created a family and, as a young woman with a degree in the process of finding her own career path, I became a Mom with a capital M.

I had 4 children one after the other every 2 years and for 10 years I have completely dedicated myself to the role of mother.

I have always loved spending time with my children: two boys and two girls. I love making them live many different experiences, cooking and having fun with them, telling them stories, playing, and traveling.

How the brand was born

In 2019, with the children engaged in school, I was finally able to resurrect my project and get back to work.

It was not easy to return to the working world after a long absence, but my proactive spirit and the desire to conquer once abandoned territories gave me the right energy to see the way forward.

Hence, after having thought about and explored various alternatives, I returned to what has always been close to me: jewelry.

Obviously, this feeling of ancestral belonging was really powerful, and when I thought about the family business, strongly rooted in its 60 years of experience, I felt that those were the right vibrations to give me strength and excitement.

So in agreement with my father, we designed and selected a line of personalized jewels, practical but at the same time elegant, suitable for a woman with a busy life, a worker, a mother who’s always in a hurry… for all of us!

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My Mission

The intent of L di Linda is to be able to make every woman unique, through her personalized jewel, and able to communicate her values ​​and her femininity in a natural way.

L di Linda can mean Legible because a woman can be mysterious but show herself in all her strength at the same time.

She can be Linear, like her life path made of goals. She can be Loquacious because she talks about herself, but also Luminous like the beauty that every woman has to show.

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Customer service

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