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Why buy custom earrings?

Earrings are jewels that are very often underestimated by many people. There is a solution that makes them unique in their kind: customization. Personalized earrings have the power to make you special but above all unique.

Buying personalized earrings for mom or for the birthday of your dear friend can be the solution to your problems; in fact, with this gift you will amaze her because no one imagines a thought of this type, and then because you make her understand how much you care about her.

LdiLinda offers earrings in yellow gold, rose gold, silver and white gold, which can be customized by inserting pendants, letters or names.

Earrings with name

Buying earrings with name can be a touch of class to improve your look, in addition, they will be combined with different outfits and you can use them whenever you want based on the event you will have to attend.

These jewels should not be excluded as birthday or Christmas gifts, precisely because no one expects such a special, intimate and personal gift. Giving them away will be the right thing to do not to be trivial, to be original and to make it clear how much we care about that person.

In the event that the named earrings were a gift for someone, make sure that they fall within the tastes of the lucky one, because otherwise the brilliant and original idea will lose its true value.

Earrings with letters

Earrings with letters are also a jewel that can make you become special and even more attractive.

The feature that differentiates them from named earrings is precisely the presence of a single hanging letter, which makes these earrings suitable for more women than named earrings.

The beauty of these earrings lies in the hanging letter attached to the earring, since this letter can mean anything: the initial of your name or that of a person important to you, or a letter with a particular meaning.

The meaning that these earrings hide is important, because maybe there is a very interesting story  hidden behind these jewels that will interest many people!

Buy on the LdiLinda shop

On my shop you can find different models of customizable earrings of quality and accessible to everyone.

In addition to earrings, my shop also offers necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets all customizable with letter names and much more.

The customization of all these objects can give that extra touch to your outfit making you irresistible in  the eyes of other people.

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