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A special thought: necklaces with name and initial

If you are here to give yourself or a loved one an emotion, then you are in the right place!
We are talking about beautiful personalized jewelry whose style becomes unique, just like your story or that of the person to whom they are given.

LdiLinda personalized jewels are real creations that speak of desires, reality, personality and uniqueness.

The collection dedicated to personalized necklaces, together with that of customizable rings, bracelets and earrings, is able to give happiness to those who receive it as a gift and just as much joy in those who give it.

The collection of necklaces with a personalized name

Going tothe official shop, you will find the beautiful creations with the written name, very simple but of enormous emotional impact.

If your loved one loves something more special, you can also opt for the name, written in block letters, zircons and diamantati bezels, with a refined and shimmering style.

A romantic alternative is instead the necklace with perforated hearts with letters, where the letters that make up the name of the wearer are engraved inside a little heart: a thought different from all the others!

Another beautiful gift, suitable for women of all ages, is the necklace with chain and enamelled letters, with a youthful and colorful style.

You can decide how to customize your jewel and which color to give it, choosing between white, fluo fuchsia, fluo gia, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, red, light blue, black or blue.

For the most minimal women, there is the crew-neck necklace with letters, elegant and refined at the same time.  The name on the jewel remains in fact reported in a simple but chic choker at the same time.

Then there is the necklace with names and heart, perfect for combining two or more names in a single jewel.  In this case the names are separated by a beautiful heart pendant that divides them.

But if you don’t like the heart, you could opt for the choker necklace mod with names, where the words are separated by beautiful bezels.

Another model that we strongly recommend you to look at, is the unmissable zircon tennis necklace with personalized names, for the most demanding women.

The necklace templates with customizable name are really many and we suggest you take a look at the site, because it’s worth it!

The collection of necklaces with the personalized pendant

If the necklace with the name in letters is not part of your style, then the necklace with custom pendant could be the right choice for you.

In fact, L di Linda offers a wide range of pendants with customizable engravings, from the sweetest for special occasions (such as births, weddings or communions), to the most romantic ones, where hearts and pendants are the protagonists.

In the first case, the family necklace with personalized dolls could be perfect, which would make any mom happy.

If, on the other hand, the occasion is the birth of a new life, then we recommend the beautiful collana with a Child / Girl and engraving, on which to write the name of the newcomer.

When you want to give an emotion, whether it’s to yourself or to someone you care about, the family necklace with dolls and engravings collectsall the love for the family, since it brings back each member and, if you want, even their names.

The collection of necklaces with the personalized initial

If, finally, you want something special that does not reveal someone’s entire name, then you canlook at the wonders contained in the collection of necklaces that bear the personalized initial.

From the classic but at the same time innovative necklace with red and initial horn (because luck is never too much!), to the beautiful model of necklace with red heart and letters, suitable for adults and children.

If you want a more refined style, we recommend you take a look at the Infinito necklace with personalized letter: it is a completely different jewel from the usual, with a profondo and special meaning.

A very particular and unmistakable detail is instead that present in the up and down necklace with double initial: in this case the initial that you can choose is double, since the chain meets in a beautiful sferico charm, and then divides again into two.

Instead of letters, you can also choose to insert the symbols you love the most.
This necklace is different from all the others, because you can shorten or lengthen it thanks to the up and down sphere.

Another bellissimo model is finally the coarse chain necklace with personalized pendants, which you can choose to decorate as you like: with a rose quartz stone or black onyx, a heart with a perforated or round engraved initial.

We recommend that you look atall the collections of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets on LdiLinda, an online store that offers personalized jewelry of the highest quality!

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