The best gift ideas for the graduation party


Discover the best gift ideas for the graduation party

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Graduation Party: discover the best gift ideas

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is the achievement of a great goal. This may differ from person to person, but surely the day of graduation remains one of the most important and dreamed of.

All college students spend their years of study striving to get the coveted recognition for their efforts and sacrifices, for their hard work, and finally, they look forward to celebrating with family and friends.

According to tradition, at the end of this path, students wear a laurel wreath on their heads, the symbol par excellence of all recent graduates, but why not also give them something that they can always wear and that bring them back to that day?

Among the many gifts that can be chosen as a graduation gift for a girl, undoubtedly you have to carefully consider jewelry.

Ldilinda will surely help you find the right gift for this occasion.

The meaning of metals as a graduation gift

When choosing a jewel for any occasion, paying attention to the meaning of any detail is important, but not obvious. Not everyone knows the virtues that the precious metals with which rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings are forged, have deep and important meanings: perfect for this type of events.

Gold color

Gold is color that represents light, energy and wealth.

Light is always a positive sign for a person’s life, because in light you see alternatives and choose with knowledge.

Energy symbolizes the strength that was needed to achieve this goal and therefore represents the commitment and charge that a person has to continue his life and career.

Wealth, finally, is the best wish for someone who has just finished his studies and is about to enter the world of work, but it is also, and above all, to represent the richness of soul and knowledge of a person.


Silver, which symbolizes the moon, has many meanings: purity, fairness, truth, friendship, sincerity, victory, eloquence, and many more.

Friendship is  perhaps one of the most important meanings, and it is in itself a precious gift, and it will undoubtedly be associated with what you choose for your loved one.

Victory! Without mincing words, this is what all new graduates think immediately after the conferral of the coveted degree. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an apt symbol.

Eloquence. Although perhaps it may seem the last of the qualities to be rewarded and remembered on the day of graduation, in reality it is not at all: the thesis must be exposed to a particularly careful and meticulous examination commission, so you must have this gift to get to the end of your path.

The representation of this characteristic will always be a great idea and a beautiful memory that will bring the new graduate back to remember what he has done.

Personalized jewelry for graduation

A necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a pendant, in short, any jewel you decide to give is always a symbol of your recognition towards the recipient.

If you customize this symbol, the meaning will be even clearer and livelier: in moments like these you would like to give something unique, and on Ldilinda you will find many styles and customizations for every taste.

Personalized necklaces

Typical, especially for women, is to donate a necklace, a chain, but undoubtedly the choice is never easy.

Although the choice of this gift is perfectly apt, on the occasion of a degree you must carefully choose a jewel of value  (obviously this ‘value’ must then refer to the emotional value that the new graduate will credit), so you must opt for a unique and perfect feature to describe your wish.

You should never get caught up in thoughts such as: it could be too simple, too obvious; it is always you who know the recipient of your gifts made with the heart.

Let’s take some examples of necklaces that can be given to a degree.

Personalized necklace

The initial of a name is one of the most common gifts, but not for this trivial. For example: a golden pendant with an initial is a symbol of strength, wit and vivacity.

Or, to vary from the classic shapes, a chain, always in gilde, with the initial set in a ring: the chain is the symbol of the bond between those who give and those who receive.

A nice choker with letters forming a name  always makes a good impression, but what if instead of the name you put the new and well-deserved title?

Personalized bracelets

An endless cycle: this is the meaning of bracelets. Although it seems a wrong concept on these occasions, it is not entirely: even if an era ends, there is always a sequel, but above all, the greatest meaning of a cycle that continues is the bond.

During an important period such as the university, many bonds are established, and these are destined to last even, often, at a distance. A bracelet is the perfect gift for a classmate who graduates and who does not want to give up.

The letters on the bracelet can be of the most damaged types, from the name, to the title, to the date. In short, there is fun to think about what this endless cycle will represent most!

Custom rings

The rings are also a classic that never decays. Perfect for women, they have very different styles, but they all share elegance and wealth.

Among the many forms, the most classic is  the simplest, but even in simplicity a small engraving is enough to totally distort appearances and meanings.


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