Personalized rings with name or writing: here is the perfect gift for new mothers

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Personalized rings, amaze those you love with a gift that represents them

Personalized rings with name or writing here is the perfect gift for new mothers

Do you want to surprise the person you love with an original gift?
You are in the right place! Below we will list all the products on our site to choose the one that best suits you.

All our jewels are made in Italy, specially made by Italian craftsmen with safe and hypoallergenic materials and will give an unmistakable touch to your outfit! One of the greatest joys for a couple is to build a family and give birth to children to raise … what better accessory to best enclose all these unique and unrepeatable emotions?

The timeless jewel par excellence is undoubtedly a ring, but what if I told you that it is even possible to buy personalized rings on our site?

Heart ring with engraving

An item that absolutely deserves your attention is the engraved heart ring. It is a jewel in 925 silver, plated in three different colors: yellow gold, pink gold or white rhodium. Sizes from 10 to 20 mm are available for personalized rings with delivery times of 10 to 14 working days and free shipping in Italy, you will also have the possibility to customize the ring according to your every need!

It is possible to engrave a single initial, the full name or more simply the date also in italics and the new mother will receive a greeting card with an attachment. But that’s not all! Any small additional changes to the final product are also allowed, in order to make it as similar as possible to what you want.

Personalized three-band rings with engraved names

This personalized ring is the perfect gift for a birthday or Mother’s Day, it is a three-band jewel completely made by Italian artisans and personalized in 925 silver, with the possibility of plating in rose gold, yellow gold or white rhodium.  All sizes are available and shipments are completely free in our country and with a maximum delivery time of two weeks.

It is possible to engrave on personalized rings every single band of the ring with the name of your little ones in italics or as more reflects your taste, furthermore on the site you will find a special space for the dedication to be printed on the greeting card that will be delivered together with the ring of your choice, once completed.

Ring with double initial in zircons

This personalized jewel is a perfect combination of elegance and sophistication as its peculiarity is precisely that of presenting an opening in the center, with on its sides two letters of your choice entirely made of zircons. What can I say, personalized rings are definitely an essential accessory both for an elegant evening and for a touch of shine to your outfit!

This ring is also made by the best local craftsmen, which is why free shipping will be available within three weeks, to guarantee excellent and flawless work. It is also possible to plate this accessory in three different materials including yellow gold, rose gold and white rhodium.

The site gives you the possibility to choose a letter on each side which will be made in zircons and to attach a memorable greeting card with a personalized dedication.

Personalized rings with name or writing here is the perfect gift for new mothers 2

Ring with four stones and engravings

The personalized ring with four stones and engravings is a perfect accessory both for larger families, as you will have the possibility to engrave up to four names, and for a more particular or meaningful gift, as you can commission even some important dates to alternate with the chosen names.

The jewel can also be customized in terms of color, as yellow gold, pink and white gold plating is available. All sizes from 10 to 20 mm are available and the materials used are absolutely hypoallergenic.

The engravings on personalized rings will be applied at the top and bottom both on the left and on the right and will be interspersed with four marvelous stones that will give a touch and priceless value to your ring which will be delivered within a maximum of 14 working days, free of charge in Italy with the ‘adding a ticket written by the buyer and printed by us.

X-ring with engraved names

This very special personalized jewel is perfect for all occasions as it is a peculiar accessory, which gives elegance and sumptuousness to the wearer. Definitely perfect for Mother’s Day.

The availability of these personalized rings is in three different platings: rose gold, yellow and white gold and we ensure the use of hypoallergenic and certified materials, worked by the best and most refined local artisans. Click here to discover the top 10 colors of gold.

You will receive this fantastic accessory in a variable time ranging from ten to fourteen days and you will be able to give vent to your imagination, to amaze the new mother as much as possible! The engravings can be applied on the top, bottom and both sides and you can choose from one to four names and the greeting card with a personalized dedication is included in the price!

Personalized rings with engraved names and glitter

This personalized ring has the particularity of presenting itself with a wide band, with a long row of glitter at both ends and the name you choose to engrave in the center. It is undoubtedly a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for a new mother who will be able to enrich her outfit with a completely unique and priceless accessory.

On the site you will find the possibility to engrave a name, a date or simply an initial indifferently and to plate the jewel in three different colors: yellow gold, pink gold or white gold renewed. The materials used are absolutely certified, hypoallergenic and worked by the best Italian craftsmen, the personalized rings will be shipped and delivered free of charge in Italy in a maximum of two weeks.

On our site you can have many other accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and much more, click here to find out more.

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