Rings with children’s names: choose from many customizable models on my shop

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rings with children's names

Owning rings with children’s names is a wonderful idea to remember an important event that marks a mother’s life forever: her birth. Some women get their children’s name tattooed on part of their body.

Choosing a personalized ring on which to engrave your child’s name is a winning idea to seal a unique and auspicious moment as the beginning of a bond destined to last forever.

Giving your partner the personalized ring with bands engraved with the name of your children is equivalent to renewing faith in the emotional bond of the family.

The collections of the L di Linda brand with personalized jewels, a gift idea to be remembered

The L di Linda brand offers in its e-commerce: personalized jewels, high costume jewels able to enhance the creativity and personality of the wearer.

For those who don’t want to give an anonymous gift to a loved one, the customizable jewels from the L di Linda shop are the ideal choice.

A jewel is much more than a simple object to wear. Since ancient times rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces have represented an identifying symbol of enormous importance.

The closeness of an entire family or tribe accompanied those who were part of it with their energy symbolized in a bracelet. Necklaces with pendants in bone or stones identified the women, their family and their social class.

Ancestral symbols destined to remain eternal even today, in the collective of those who wear jewels and those who give them.

The ancestral symbolism of jewels enclosed in the collections of L di Linda jewels

The line of customizable precious jewels by L di Linda collects in its mission, the intrinsic and ancestral message of materializing a strong emotional bond. Through the customizable rings with the engraving of a name, closeness is sealed with an important affection and expressed, almost as if it were a small shield of protective energy.

A motto engraved on a customizable bracelet reminds of tenacity and perseverance and above all that one is never alone on one’s journey.

The creativity and elegance of a woman is reflected in a thousand facets and takes the form of personalized necklaces given as gifts, perhaps in sets with customizable earrings of excellent artisan goldsmith workmanship.

In L di Linda e-commerce shop, nothing is left to chance. The high costume jewels made with resistant materials and embellished with gold or silver bath, zircons and precious stones, are specially designed to accompany a woman’s life at all times.

Elegant and at the same time practical to wear, they are specially created to be personalized with names, dates or important phrases that remind you at all times of the most significant steps in life’s long journey.

An anniversary, a birthday, a career advancement, an anniversary, there are many occasions to remember and remember how special the person we have by our side is or how important we are.

rings with children's names 2

The symbol of name rings: from distinctive sign to symbol of divine power

The symbolism of the ring is lost in the mists of time, from a simple ornament to a sign of belonging. From an element capable of sealing a promise to a symbol of power. The names of the spouses are engraved on the rings to make their act of faith and their union inseparable.

The precious three-band ring, from the L di Linda precious jewels collection, also symbolizes a lifelong journey, the journey that will accompany the union of a mother with her children from their birth.

On rings with children’s names it is possible to engrave up to 3, which can be in addition to those of the children, also that of one’s life partner, or otherwise one can opt for a meaningful and auspicious phrase depending on one’s preferences.

The innovative and original three-band ring symbolizes a spiral. An ancestral symbol that contains eternal meanings. The spiral is the cycle of life par excellence, it represents the whirlwind of energy that pervades life from its first moment. Since ancient times this symbol has been closely linked to femininity and the cult of the Mother Goddess.

The jewel is made of 925 silver. Practical to wear, it is well suited to any style of clothing. You can choose between the different variants: 18 k yellow gold plated, 18 k rose gold plated, white rhodium plated.

A look at one’s hand seems like a trivial gesture but in the most salient moments of life or in small moments of defaiance and discouragement, sometimes just a look is enough, a small symbol that is worn like a ring, is capable of transforming itself into pure magic reminding us of the affection of the people closest to us.

Yes it’s true, as in the famous television saga “The Lord of the Rings” by director Peter Jackson, a ring is capable of transforming itself into a magical object. The positive energy of the person who gave it to us or the memory evoked by the names of our children that we had engraved for you, takes on a unique value in many situations.

Rings with children’s names are able to restore our self-confidence, to make us feel the wind of positivity to envelop us in the whirlwind of life and make us face the steep climbs effortlessly.

The many opportunities to be remembered and seal a friendship by giving rings with names

Linda’s original L collection dedicated to rings offers many unique models, made with resistant and precious materials, enriched with gold bath, zircons and precious stones. Each model is customizable and designed to be made unique.

For people who love creativity and originality, a thought like a personalized ring is a unique gift idea for people who don’t want to go unnoticed.

A jewel to be personalized with family names in memory of an important event or even with the names of colleagues at work to crown career advancement or success achieved together with the team. A gift idea created together with your favorite sport companions to seal a victory.

There is certainly no shortage of anniversaries, completing a school journey or reaching a goal such as a diploma or degree is an event that cannot fail to be crowned with an important symbol and what if not a ring engraved with the date and the event or perhaps the names of the companions and fellow adventurers.

Rings with children’s names can be a beautiful and symbolic jewel that a woman chooses to make for herself, to remind herself of her value and tenacity at every moment. A symbol on which to reflect one’s strength and perseverance in pursuing the ambitions and dreams of one’s life.

If you want to go further, the personalized ring can be combined with a personalized necklace, perhaps in a set with customizable earrings.

Customizing a jewel adds a high intrinsic value to the symbol of the jewel itself. Engraving the name of your dearest person or loved ones on a ring is equivalent to remembering their presence at all times and the great strength that an emotional bond can give.

The banded ring in itself symbolizes a path, a spiral, the circle of the path of life to be crossed since one’s birth and at the same time the vortex of life that envelops it with its impetuosity.

The spiral is a very strong archaic symbol. It represents the cycle of life, but also the great cosmic energy enclosed in the female soul. Rings with banded names enclose in a single vortex who owns them and the people whose names we wanted to engrave.

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