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Thoughts for Women’s Day: discover LdiLinda’s gift ideas

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The best gift ideas for Women’s Day

Women’s Day is one more occasion to pamper the wonderful women who are next to us and thanks to which we would not be like them. What better gift than a personalized jewel to celebrate this day?

Simple and customizable necklaces

The necklace is an accessory that goes well with practically everything, it’s impossible that you won’t be able to match it and it’s a perfect gift for Women’s Day to show your love.

On our site there are many models available for all needs and tastes, among the most requested stands out the Zirconia tennis choker by Ldilinda, ideal for shining on every occasion.

If you want to opt for a model with a simpler but very refined taste, the necklace with colored stone is definitely for you! It is a jewel with a classic and fresh style available in both white and purple, ideal as a gift for Women’s Day.

You will also find a model with a slightly different shirt but which recalls the simplicity of the previous model, this necklace was worn by Ldilinda and has the following colors: white, pink, green, purple.

A strong point of this store is certainly the personalization of the jewels, by engraving or adding charms to carry a date, an initial or a full name always with you.

All our jewels are also made with hypoallergenic materials, made in Italy and are worked by the best local craftsmen.

Customizable bracelets in three colors

You know, women can’t get enough of bracelets! And on our site you will see that there is no shortage of models to indulge yourself in choosing a gift.

What’s the best gift for Women’s Day?

We have it for all needs, occasions and above all for all customer tastes, I present to you a possible combination that can be done with the zircon necklace: the tennis bracelet in zircons by Ldilinda, to complete your outfit and create a pendant with the choker on our store, the bracelet is made of silver 925 and white gold plated.

Another inevitable jewel for every day is definitely the bracelet with pendants made of 925 silver and plated in three different colors including yellow gold, pink gold or white rhodium, that’s not all! On the site it is possible to choose the shape of the pendants that enrich the accessory among crosses, stars, hearts or round charms.

For those you know better or for those you want to amaze with a touch of unprecedented uniqueness, the perfect gift is certainly one of our personalized jewels!

There is something for all tastes and for all needs, the craftsmen who work with us will even be able to carry out aengraving completely chosen by the customer on the pendants of the bracelets both with dates and with initials but also with full names, so as to make it a special gift for Women’s Day.

Earrings: inevitable in your jewelry box

Earrings are one of those inevitable accessories in a woman’s outfit, capable of enriching and giving an extra touch even to a simple ponytail or a braid.

To stay on the zircon theme, the hoop earrings with zircon stones are perfect for never being trivial, plus on the site you’ll have the option to choose the type of plating between yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

For the Good Luck by Ldilinda collection, the zircon headbands with charms to wear every day as a good omen are certainly unmissable, including lucky horns, horseshoes or pendant crosses, also available in single version and not in pairs, for any second holes .

Even for earrings, there is no lack of the possibility of embellishing and making your accessory unique!

Just visit Ldilinda to see how many customizable models we have available, from charms with initials to hoop earrings with names, as well as many other models that are not listed here.

All our earrings are made of highly refined hypoallergenic materials and worked by the best local craftsmen.

Anklets: stylish and lucky

An accessory, on average, less used but much appreciated for women’s day is certainly the anklet, which looks like a versatile and never banal jewel for any occasion you decide to wear it, certainly a gift a bit more risky but always appreciated by women!

Here too there are jewels from the Good Luck collection by Ldilinda, and it might be an idea to combine the previously mentioned earrings with this very stylish lucky charm anklet, available in different colors and with additional talisman charms such as crosses or horseshoes.

For those who love simplicity, we recommend the platable tennis anklet in both yellow and white gold.
But that’s not all! Custom jewelery designs with enamelled initials are also available, to give your gift an identity.

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